Lady Gaga – Lupus and Electrosensitive?

Sept 2010. Lady Gaga was hospitalized six times last year and in 2010 she had to cancel some shows because she was ailing from an irregular heartbeat.  The internet is buzzing that she is afraid of holding a cell phone. The fans on her website are posting links to radiation safe solutions. The Lupus Alliance of America is auctioning off a Gibson Les Paul guitar that is autographed by Lady Gaga.

Their website states:

As many of you may know Lady Gaga was recently in the news regarding her family`s connection to lupus, and why it is a cause close to her heart. This fantastic signed guitar is just one of the many ways Lady Gaga is hoping to raise funds to help those fighting lupus, and to fund the novel research going on today into the cause, cure and treatment of lupus.

On Larry King Live she admitted that she tested positive for lupus.

Blood Disorders, Lupus and EMF

Blood tests for antinuclear antibody (ANA) is important for lupus patients because the presence of antibodies against the double stranded DNA confirms the lupus. It happens only in the case of lupus and not in any other health issues. A test for ENA antiphospholipid antibodies will show clotting of blood. Most of the miscarriages in women is due to the over presence of these types of antibodies. There is an increased risk of lupus and miscarriages in women due to the clotting nature of blood especially in veins and arteries.

Lupus and Electrosensitivity – are the symptoms similar?

joint pain, sometimes with swelling
red rash across the face
extreme fatigue
unusual reaction to sunlight
red scaly skin rash
chest pain, worse when lying down or inhaling
seizures or severe neurological symptoms
hair loss

Interestingly, ultraviolet (UV) radiation from compact flourescent light bulbs will cause skin rashes in people that have lupus and this is well documented. Patients are advised not to have radiation therapy. Many “alternative grass roots” Lupus websites will advise sufferers not to live close to powerlines, hydro transformers and cell phone towers. In addition, personal testimonials from patients say not to use WiFi and cell phones and to stay away from all sources of high electromagnetic radiation.

We know that there is a relationship between childhood leukaemia and low frequency electromagnetic fields. Lupus seems to be affected by high frequency ultraviolet radiation, which is also part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The word “electrosensitive” has taken on a whole new meaning….

This is what Lade Gaga needs…..