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Two Important Upcoming Events: Virtual EMF Medical Conference (Jan 2021) and Virtual Pre-conference Course (Oct 2020)

August 18, 2020:  After a very successful medical conference on electromagnetic fields held in honour of Dr. William Rea (1935–2018) in Santa Cruz, California on September 6–9, 2019, a follow-up EMF medical conference is planned for January 28-31, 2021…. Read More

Rogers vs. Chateauguay: Canadian Supreme Court rules that cities cannot block location of cell towers.

June 17, 2016.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that, since the telecom industry comes under the jurisdiction of the federal government, municipalities have no say in the placement of cell phone towers or antennas.  While this… Read More

Teslamania Music Video: What’s that humming in your pocket?

July 7, 2014:  What’s that humming in your pocket? What’s that humming in your pocket– is a music video produced by Cheek to Cheek for Teslamania in celebration of Tesla’s birthday.  Click here to watch music video. Lyrics:  Magda Havas Music Composition, Production and Instrument… Read More

Health Canada admits Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation is based ONLY on thermal effects!

February 20, 2013.  I just returned from a hearing in Montreal in front of the Superior Court of Quebec where Health Canada scientist, James McNamee, admitted that the Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation (which includes radiation… Read More