Population Control & Microwave Radiation


January 10, 2011.  The purpose of my website it to provide information about different types of electromagnetic pollution and what people can do to protect themselves and to regain their health. I try to present scientific information to a lay audience in a way that they will both understand and recognize the importance of the information.

While many people visit my website, a lot more watch the youtube videos that I create. Even kids watch these videos and it is important to reach the next generation.

Perhaps you have seen “Planet Irth” (April 2010) about a planet that becomes inundated with electrosmog and the irthlngs are warned by sensitives that this is not a good thing but no one listens.

Or you may have seen “Taming the Microwave Dragon” (December 2010) told in a fairy tale style with a similar message to Planet Irth.  Click here to watch this video.

Well, the newest in this “series” is called “Population Control & Microwave Radiation.”  It ponders the concept that some “elite group” is using microwave radiation to control the size of the human population. This video is deliberately intended to be provocative. Click here to watch this video.

Am I a supporter of conspiracy theories?  NO. Those with wealth and power have always tried, and will continue to try, to increase their wealth and power (combination of both greed and insecurity) and they will manipulate situations in their favor. This is not new. However, I believe that we do more damage to this planet and its inhabitants than that done by some elite group by a combination of greed, stupidity, and insecurity (both real and imaged) at all levels of society.

All of my YouTube videos are meant to inform the audience about the harmful effects of electrosmog and what they can do to reduce their exposure and to protect themselves, if they choose to.  Drawings and cartoon characters make the “medicine” of the message more palatable and bring it to the attention of  younger audiences, who are increasingly becoming hooked on wireless technology.

“Knowledge is power” and these videos are meant to empower those who watch them.