5G Summit 2020 Expert Panel Livestream: Truth & Solutions

June11th, 2020 at 2 pm PT and 5 pm ET Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji co-hosted a live panel discussion that is free and open for everyone to watch.  Here is the link to the youtube video produced (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQKlp7p9lQw).  Warning, this panel discussion was originally planned for 90 minutes but went on for 2 hours and 20 minutes.  So grab a cup of coffee or something more to your liking and enjoy the discussion.  Past the mid-point, some of the experts did not agree about some of the issues raised, which is a healthy sign–as far as I’m concerned.

The panelists discussed the health effects of wireless technology, the rollout of satellites, the roll of the telecom industry and government guidelines, steps to take in your community to delay deployment of 5G technology, success stories, legal strategies, liability-based action, political options, the role of the medical community and the media, personal stories of electrohypersensitiviity with 5G exposure and much more.

Enjoy and share the link with friends and family1

Panel consists of:
  • Frank Clegg (former president of Microsoft Canada & current CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology) – overview of the science-based harm and risk; and strategic perspective
  • Magda Havas PhD (researcher) – published science linking EMF & effects on our immune systems
  • Arthur Firstenberg (author) – latest about the satellite deployment and reported symptomology
  • Andrew J. Campanelli (lawyer) – legal strategies that are beating the telecoms at the municipal level
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar (doctor and social leader) the medial freedom super PAC
  • Mandy Jacob (USA grassroots leader) – local successes across USA
  • Lena Pu (educator) – how a liability-based action can turn the tables
  • Derrick Broze (filmmaker & action leader) – ‘Freedom Cells’ and true sustainability
  • Krystal Tini (activist, yoga instructor & change agent) – personal experience and symptoms since discovering 5G equipment on her apartment rooftop