The Dark Side of CFL Bulbs

July 2009.

By 2012 consumers will be unable to buy energy inefficient incandescent light bulbs in most countries. Currently the only product available that is both energy efficient and inexpensive are compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs and these bulbs are making people sick. Some develop skin rashes, others become tired or have difficulty concentrating and some develop aches and pains. Those who suffer from migraines, epilepsy, lupus, and sensitive skin are most at risk. The video below introduces you to the dark side of these curlie light bulbs.

But all is not lost. Research on energy efficient bulbs is currently underway and the LED (light emitting diodes) may be a much better solution if the light quality can be improved and the cost can be reduced. Not only do they not emit toxic radiation, they don’t contain toxic mercury and are not a health hazard if accidentally broken.

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