CBC Podcast on the dangers of wireless technology

April 2010.  In this 60 min. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) program, host Michael Enright provides an investigation into a complicated debate and a frightening question: Do cell phones cause brain cancer? Across the world, medical and scientific researchers are grappling with the idea that emissions from cell phones, WIFI and DECT portable phones might be harmful to humans, especially children. This program looks at all sides of the argument.

The panellists are Dr. Krewski – head researcher of the Canadian portion of the Interphone Study on Cell Phones and Brain cancer – who feels that the “weight” of the evidence is weak.

On the opposing side is Dr. Henri Lai: Department of Bioengineering University of Washington – Dr. Fred Gilbert: Dean of Lakehead University – Dr. Magda Havas: Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Trent University who all feel precautions need to be implemented as soon as possible.

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