Cell Phones

October 2009.

What next? A wrist watch communicator! cell-phone-watch

With 4 billion cell phones worldwide, we are conducting the largest experiment in the history of this planet. What the long-term consequences of low level microwave radiation and Bluetooth radio waves are is not yet known but studies showing increased risks of tumors, reduced sperm count/motility/viability, and possible behaviour problems experienced by children born to mothers who used cell phones is most disturbing and should be viewed as an early warning indicator of things to come.

Cell phones use microwaves to transmit and receive information. These are the same microwaves generated by microwave ovens to heat food. This energy is sent from your phone (which may be in your pocket close to your reproductive organs if you are using a Bluetooth device like this wrist watch speaker) to a nearby cell phone antenna and is then relayed through multiple antennas until it reaches the person you are talking with. Every time you use a cell phone your exposure increases as does the exposure of those who live near antennas. The more antennas there are the weaker signal your cell phone has to use to send information. However, the more antennas there are the more people who will be exposed on a daily basis to second-hand microwave radiation.

Children are particularly vulnerable to cell phone radiation and advisories from the UK, Germany, France, Russia, India, Belgium, Finland and from the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (US) and the Toronto Board of Health (Canada) warn that children should not use cell phones except for emergencies.

Sadly few are heeding this warning and the price we pay will be the health of our children and their children unless we reduce our exposure.