Women’s College Hospital Diagnoses Patients with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

June 13, 2012.  For years doctors at Women’s College Hospital, in the heart of Toronto, have been diagnosing patients with environmental sensitivities that include multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMS). They have a long waiting list and if you sign up it will take 9 months to a year before a doctor has time to see you.

On May 23, 2012, Women’s College Hospital hosted a workshop and invited physicians, experts and patients to share and discuss ideas related to EMS.

Dr. Riina Bray, their Medical Director, said, “We need to create more awareness about this condition.  Health-care practitioners need to better understand EMS so they can help their patients prevent and manage their symptoms.  The public needs to know how to protect themselves from the broad range of health impacts electromagnetic fields have on their minds and bodies.

Among the experts invited was Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University.  During her talk–which was entitled “Electromagnetic sensitivity:  Is it psychological or physiological?“–Dr. Havas presented concrete evidence of physiological responses to electrosmog exposure.  She also mentioned the guidelines recently released by the Austrian Medical Association on how to diagnose and treat electrosmog-related illnesses.

Dr. Ray Copes, from the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, expressed his personal views  about EMS rather than the view of his agencies.   He quoted primarily from studies by Rubin who dismisses EMS, although Copes did not seem to have a well informed opinion about whether or not EMS was a real illness.

Dr. Copes did not attend the morning session and did not hear the stores from several of the individuals who have been diagnosed with EMS.  He arrived in time to give his lecture and left immediately afterwards.  It was clear to those attending that Dr. Copes’s understanding of the research on EMS was limited.

Some of you may recall that Dr. Copes co-authored a paper with Lawrence Loh on Wireless Technology.  The paper was entitled: “Are there human health effects related to the use of wireless internet technology (Wi-Fi)?” Click here for pdf.  They concluded, “to date there is no plausible evidence that would indicate current public exposures to Wi-Fi are causing adverse effects on health.”  Unfortunately, Copes and Loh underestimated radiation levels generated by Wi-Fi exposure in schools.

Click here for pdf about workshop.

Click here to watch to the presentation by Dr. Magda Havas (time 56:58).

Click here to watch to presentation on, “How to make your home healthy” (time 28:04).