Wifi in schools and the health effects of microwaves

April 2010. When the students of Mountain View Elementary School in Ontario Canada started to complain about headaches in the classroom, a few mothers thought something must be wrong with the building because their children did not experience these symptoms at home.

After close examination of the school by concerned parents, they learned that a ultra high powered wireless Cisco WiFi system was installed to blanket the entire school to provide internet access.  The school’s computer classroom only contained 6 computers and the parents felt that it was simpler to provide a cabled system using ethernet connections, or a less powerful local WiFi system to service that one room and then shut it off when not in use – like a lightbulb is shut off to conserve energy.

Unlike cellphones – the dangers of WiFi come from the fact that it’s always on – pulsing away sending out microwave carrier signals 24 hours a day even if no one is online. The computers don’t even need to be turned on  – it’s coming from the schools transmitters situated on the ceilings.

Holding the microwave transmitters in your hand?

Apple and many other computer tablet manufacturers intend to market the iPad and similar hand held devices as digital textbook readers and these portable wireless devices are equipped with a very powerful WiFi transmitter – in this case –  you are holding the iPad WiFi transmitter in your hand and the pulsed digital microwave radiation is going right into your body.


We have all seen the new iPhone adds that show two people communicating via video over their phone.  This is only accomplished via the use of the iPhone’s built in WiFi.

The kids have learned that texting is safer than talking – but they have not considered that the WiFi pulse digital radiation is going directly into their hand. Now imagine a scenario where hundreds if not thousands of students are using their WiFi equipped iPhone or iPad with a connection to the schools high powered industrial grade WiFi system. All of the students and teachers will be bathed in a sea of pulsing microwave radiation – always on 24 hours a day. It’s not your average home setup.

The part that I find very unusual is that the school’s teachers and parents have tried to keep cell phone towers off of their roof and property, and now the IT departments are bringing a similar microwave system that is always on, pulsing microwaves right inside their school.  This is what some parents are worried about.

The parents fight back.

The parents were told that the WiFI was safe but they refused to accept that conclusion and pressed for action and created a website called Safe School to present their concerns to the other parents. Worried about the media campaign that was starting to unfold, the Simcoe County District School Board brought in Tony Muc, who was the Scientific Officer (Microwave) at Health Canada (Government Agency; Government Administration industry) from July 1971 — September 1975 (4 years 3 months) when the Safety Code 6 health standards were being developed. He worked in the Radiation Protection Bureau – biological effects of microwaves; writing and revising regulations for microwave devices; surveys and research on health and safety for Health Canada.

He told the trustees –  ” I firmly believe that the science developed over the last 50 years… adequately supports the limits that are demonstrated in (Health Canada’s) Safety Code 6,” he said, referring to the section relating to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Click Here to read news article.

“I’m going to continue to put my faith in science and I’m going to continue to use Wi-Fi. I’m going to continue to live in 2010,” said Innisfil trustee Donna Armstrong. “Wi-Fi is in that spectrum that the cells won’t be torn. It’s not fair for a body such as ours to make a scientific ruling. I’m relying on Health Canada.”

Robert Bradley, is the director of Health Canada’s consumer and clinical radiation protection bureau – and is also a member of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) committee –  Bradley’s group provides research used in the publication of standards by Industry Canada.

Click HERE to view a Health Canada video featuring Robert Bradley.

But the concerned parents dug deeper and learned that the Toronto Star published a feature article addressing concerns from individuals that Robert Bradley is not acting in the public’s best interest when it comes to microwave radiation from wireless technologies.

WiFi uses microwaves and those limits are addressed by Canada’s Safety Code 6 standards that are based on the “thermal effect”, the limits where the heating of human tissues occur, which originated from naval military radar research over 40 years ago. Realizing that this new pulsed digital WiFi technology was developed after radar, and the WiFi limits are not based on human biological effects (the symptoms of radio-wave illness) that occur well below the current safety limits, the parents pressed on even further and brought their plight to the health officials in Ottawa that regulate Health Canada.

The parents also brought microwave specialist Barrie Trower to Canada to give a lecture at the University of Toronto to explain the dangers of microwave radiation such as Wifi. This generated an enormous amount of publicity for their cause on radio and TV and the story became front page news and on national TV news programs.

Click Here to view a special report from CBC television.

Read the Toronto Star.  Read the Montreal Gazette. Read the Toronto Sun. Read the Edmonton Journal . Read The Star Phoenix – Watch a related report from BBC Special Report on WiFi in Schools

Listen to CBC Radio


Hearings were held in late April to re-examine Safety Code 6 limits and the outcome of these hearings will probably determine the fate of the students at Mountain View school and all children in Canada that attend schools that are blanketed by WiFi or WiMAX wireless technologies.

It’s just one more case where the wireless industry, the former electrical engineers who now regulate it and the IT technicians who refuse to even suggest or practice the precautionary principal – to err on the side of caution and install a safer, faster, secure and more reliable network using fiber optic technology proposed by Google and adopted by countries like Japan and Universities such as Lakehead in Thunder Bay Ontario.

WiFi systems for schools is much more harmful.

The public and schools boards need to know that the newest WiFi systems that are used in schools is not the same system that is used in your home. It works on similar frequencies – 2.4 and 5 ghz but is MUCH MUCH more powerful.  To get an idea of what these systems involve, and how they are marketed to the school IT departments, watch the videos below…..

The technical specs to support 100’s of computers at once.

Pulsed Digital Microwaves radiation compared to a portable radio?