Beware of the modem that comes with Bell Fibre Optics! Open Letter to Bell.

September 12, 2019.  Several people have contacted me about the experience I had with Bell Fibre Optics in my home so I decided to update my post.  Read my experience last September (2018) and at the end of that I will provide you with a contact, a real live person to talk with about this situation.


September 8, 2018.  A few months ago, Bell installed fibre optics in our neighbourhood.  This was good news because fibre optics provide much faster service than copper wires.  In August, Bell contacted me to see if I wanted the fibre optics connection for internet and phone service.  They guaranteed that I would have a modem that could have the Wi-Fi turned off and that I would not be exposed to microwave radiation from this technology.  I readily agreed.  However, what happened next has been a nightmare.  Below is an Open Letter to Bell.

Open Letter to Bell, September 8, 2018:  Regarding Fibre Optics & Model 3000 Modem

To Whom this May Concern,

I have been a loyal Bell customer for decades.  However, I am now looking for a new provider because Bell is unable to provide me with the services I require.

In August I had my internet service replaced with fibre optics and was assured that I would not be exposed to any microwave radiation from the modem.  The technician came, installed the service and then turned off the Wi-Fi (modem model 3000).  However, the modem was still emitting microwaves.  I know this because I have meters that measure microwave radiation.  It wasn’t until the modem was disconnected that the radiation went away.  Reconnect the modem and the radiation returned.  Levels were exceptionally high compared with other modems with values of 900 mW/m2 near the modem.  Even though this dropped off quickly as we moved away from the modem, levels were still elevated in my home and this was unacceptable.  Also, the top of the modem was quite warm to the touch as it was constantly using electricity as it sent out the microwave frequencies.  This is an energy inefficient system.

Since I do research in this area, I am aware of the harmful effects of exposure to constant microwave radiation.  That is why I have no devices in my home that constantly emit microwave radiation.   I do have a cell phone but keep it in airplane mode almost all the time, except when I’m travelling or expecting an important call.  And I do have a microwave oven that I seldom use.  When I do use it I walk out of the kitchen to minimize my exposure to microwaves.  I use a wired phone, and, until just recently, I have had wired internet access in my home and no Wi-Fi.

The technician who installed the modem assured me that an older modem (consisting of three different units) was still available and that he would return and install it.  He gave me his email address and I contacted him but received no response to my emails.  I then called bell (1 866-301-1942) and was sent another technician to deal with my concerns.  I asked for that technician to call me before he left so I could tell him what the problem was and so he could bring the appropriate equipment.  He called when he arrived at my front door and did not have the older equipment with him.  Indeed he told me that that equipment was no longer available.

To make a long story short, during the past 2 weeks I have had 4 technicians to my home dealing with the same issue and two of them had their supervisors with them.  All arrived promptly and gave me the same information.  “When we turn off the Wi-Fi you will not be exposed to any microwave radiation” and each of them was incorrect.  I was provided with a lot of misinformation about how safe this technology was and I was also told that since I was getting radiation from neighbours with Wi-Fi why should I be concerned about a small amount generated within my own home. I then showed them that in my home the levels of microwave are very low.  And while I can pick up the neighbour Wi-Fi signals on my computer they are exceptionally weak compared with the ones generated by the new modem now in my home.

Each time they assured me they could turn off the Wi-Fi and that I would not be exposed to any microwave radiation. And each time I showed them that they provided flawed information to their customs.  Several then admitted that there was another transmitter that was trying to connect with a smart TV (which I don’t have) and they could not turn off that transmitter.  In other words, if you get connected to fibre optics as a Bell customer you cannot get a modem that does not emit microwaves!!!!  For those of us trying to minimize our exposure this is BAD NEWS!

In this day, when so many people are becoming sensitive to this radiation it is unwise for Bell not to be able to provide options to those of us who do not want additional microwave exposure in our home.  I am now looking for a new internet and phone and TV provider as I am unwilling to be exposed to microwave radiation because Bell doesn’t have the foresight to see that this exposure, in some cases, is unwelcome.

I write this letter to request that Bell design a modem where you can turn off all the microwaves for those customers who do not want to be exposed.

I do congratulate Bell for providing fibre optics as this is a far superior service to copper wires.  But they also need to now provide a modem that does not emit microwaves for those of us who request this type of service.

I would appreciate a senior Bell administrator to contact me and to let me know if there are microwave-free modems available or if I could have my original copper service reinstalled.  It is only this way that I will stay with Bell.  I await your response.

-magda havas


September 2019.  Update follows.

No senior Bell official contacted me about my problem.  However, there are so many of us experiencing the same thing that I will try again to reach out to someone who understands the situation and can resolve it for all of us.

After I threatened to go to a different provider for phone, computer, TV service I got a phone call from an understanding person, called Denise.  She is with the Accessibility Team at Bell.  Her phone number is 1 514 870-7239 and their office is open M-F from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm EST (Canada).  I expect you do not have to ask for Denise as other’s must work in the same office.

Denise called me and told me she was aware of electrosensitivity and would resolve my problem.  She said I could get the copper wire reconnected and I could get my old (non-radiating) router back.  She was most understanding and helpful.

Within a couple of days my home was no longer irradiated by the Bell router.

So … I suggest you contact the Accessibility Team in your community and request either fibre optics with a non-radiating router (which I would prefer) or having your copper wire reconnected with your old wired router.

And … if a senior official at Bell is reading this … please have your brilliant engineers design a router where the microwave radiation can be fully turned off so it is NOT communicating with anything in a wireless manner.

If there are more updates … I will post them here.