Musing #1: WiFi in Schools-a Ticking Time Bomb

February 26, 2011.  What do you do when you see a disaster looming and those who have power to prevent it refuse to listen?  What do you do when those with a financial interest in maintaining the status quo (Montreal group is just one of several such groups) attack-by producing false information and twisting the truth-and attempt to discredit those who are sounding the alarm? What do you do with a school board that has fallen for a sales pitch and has already signed contracts to have WiFi installed?  What do you do when our federal health agency (Health Canada) places the financial concerns of industry above the health of Canadians?   What do you do when you see the time bomb ticking and those who can defuse it refuse to act?  That is the situation we are in right now.

My heart goes out to the parents who have a serious choice to make.  Do they allow their children to be exposed to microwave radiation for hours each day or do they remove them from school.  Many don’t have the option of home schooling and schools without WiFi are becoming rare.

Those who are sensitive to this radiation know what I am referring to.  Many who are not sensitive think this is fear-mongering.

Surely Health Canada and the World Health Organization would warn us if they thought this radiation was harmful!  They have never been wrong before and industries have no influence on their decision-making!

This type of naïveté and false sense of trust in our federal authorities is what is responsible for the loss of cod along the east coast, the loss of salmon along the west coast, the rape and pillage of our forests, the presence of GMOs in our food, the promotion of mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs, the distribution of wireless smart metes and many other “government decisions” that have proven to be harmful to our health and environment.

Why is it that we are blind to impending danger?   Why is it that “truth speakers” are attacked like Rachael Carson when she raised the warning about DDT; like Herbert Needleman when he warned us about lead poisoning in children; like Irving Selikoff when he warned us about the harmful effects of asbestos?  Why is it that we can recognize the blunders decades after the fact, once the damage is done and people’s lives have been damaged.  Why is it that we lack the will and the foresight to prevent such disasters?

I just wish innocent children could be protected from adults who make unwise decisions and that those “decision makers,” who are morally responsible for their actions, could also be held legally liable especially since wired alternatives to WiFi are available.

Are decision makers really so naïve to believe that exposing children to microwave radiation even at low levels all day in the classroom for 12 years is totally harmless or is this a financial decision?  Is a child’s life worth so little in Canada?

Almost everyone has heard of Rachael Carson but who are Herbert Needleman and Irving Selikoff?  They are some of our unsung heros who have, through their research and public presentations, influenced governments to reduce lead levels and to limit the use of asbestos in North America.  They did this despite having their research and character attacked by related industries.  They did this against industry opposition and government inertia.  Had it not been for these two medical researchers legislation regarding lead and asbestos would have been delayed by decades. Governments were reluctant to act and needed a nudge from the scientific and medical community.  The same is happening now with microwave radiation.