Is White Space Super Wifi Dangerous?

September 24, 2010.  If you think the electrosmog from cell towers is bad in some cities, you should be very concerned about White Spaces. In this article, I will try to give you a heads up to what is about to happen to our airwaves and it causes me extreme concern.

When the FCC and the CRTC decided to licence the radio spectrum frequencies for cell phone transmission towers, large telecom providers such as Sprint, Bell and Rogers paid billions of dollars to these licensing organizations so they could put up cell phone towers just about anywhere in the country.

On September 23, a day that I predict will go down in infamy,  the FCC agreed to open up a large band of now unused TV spectrum for digital data communications for Super WiFi. It’s called White Space TV BAND spectrum. It’s free and mostly unregulated. Many years ago the FCC forced the TV broadcasters to simultaneously transmit digital TV signals over the air and discontinue the use of their traditional analogue broadcast frequencies and towers. (Channels 2-69).  The TV broadcasters fought to keep control of this analogue spectrum so they could continue to broadcast to people that had TV aerials and older TVs not capable of receiving digital TV signals. They worried about interference from future White Space devices. But I have a suspicion that they are worried about much more than that.

Currently the available “White Space ” frequencies are widely scattered in the radio spectrum because they’re located in the empty space between existing digital television channels. Adding to the complexity, white space devices such as Super WiFI transmission towers won’t be allowed to interfere with television broadcasts or other licensed uses. The result could be that such Super WiFI devices are limited by their geography.

You need a licence to be a cell phone provider and to erect a cell tower. You won’t need a licence with Super WiFi.

Super WiFi devices that use White Space TV Band frequencies will use unlicensed frequencies. Currently, if you are a cell phone provider, you must register and get approvals for cell tower positioning. This will not be required for White Space devices. Although the FCC has initially limited the power output to fixed bace stations to 4 watts, this is well over the current 100 milliwatt power limit used in home model WiFi bace stations. Imagine the mis-use if they are haphazardly installed by uninformed IT departments or even the general public.

The ideal situation I see is their use in rural areas. A small town could bring a fiber-optic service to their library and retransmit it to their town. Because of the limitation of 4 watts of power – white space device towers will need to be placed everywhere and then meshed together to piggy back from one tower to the other on the roofs of houses, on your hydro meters, on the telephone poles right in front of your house, inside your offices and schools.  Remember – there are no rules where Super WiFI can be placed. The public library does not need a licence to supply wireless internet to the public inside their library. They will not need one to retransmit white space internet to their local community either.

Another common scenario would be for an internet provider in a small town to supply a dish or repeater base station that you will mount on your roof.  It faces the central broadcast tower that is mounted on a small apartment building like cell phone companies have. Imagine hundreds of “Smart Meter” like devices that can provide the utility companies with wireless information about your natural gas and electricity consumption – and they can supply internet access too.

Schools will mount these antennas inside their schools on the ceilings to provide wide mesh network coverage. Instead of attaching wires to the base stations that are placed throughout the school campus, lower wireless TV Band frequencies will be used to connect them because they can penetrate the concrete walls and carry much more high speed bandwidth. The base stations will then re-transmit the data to the portable computers via WiFi using widely installed 2.4 gigahertz frequencies.

Why should we be worried?

Instead of TV analogue frequencies that are used for television in the 54-698 MHz range, these White Space devices will now use PULSED DIGITAL waveforms which are highly biologically active that have been proved to be harmful. WiFi currently uses PULSED DIGITAL on higher 2.4 gigahertz frequencies that cannot penetrate thick concrete at long distances and thus you get a slow speed connection resembling dial up. By using the lower TV frequency spectrum (54-698) MHz as a carrier wave, the PULSED DIGITAL WiFi signal will now be able to penetrate obstructions such as buildings over great distances and deliver high speed broadband data.

I stress this point once again. Lower frequencies can better penetrate and travel further but they are more dangerous to the human body. Children sitting in a classroom with one of these constantly radiating ceiling mounted base stations over their heads will surely suffer because the frequency spectrum allows for complete penetration of the human brain and body. Cell phones use a higher frequency that is over 800 Mhz and can’t penetrate the human skull as easily.

And remember – this is a two way street.  With television you are just receiving the signal from a distance source. If you are mobile, using a Super WiFi USB stick,  the radio transmitter will be right beside you constantly pumping PULSED DIGIAL into and through your body. The current USB “Rocket Mobile” sticks use traditional higher cell phone frequencies that are licensed.  Some “Rocket Sticks” can be highly dangerous when transmitting data and have been recalled by Industry Canada for broadcasting over Safety Code 6! And Safety Code 6 is not considered to be safe by many doctors, scientists and health officials.

The last time the FCC released a chunk of the airwaves for unlicensed use was 20 years ago, with the  2.4 gigahertz frequency now used for short-range wireless services such as baby monitors, cordless phones and Wi-Fi as we currently know it. The furthest they could transmit was limited to about 300 feet.  Now imagine a Super WiFi equipped product that can both receive and transmit in PULSED DIGITAL using the ideal frequency to penetrate concrete walls a mile away.

White Space devices are currently approved for market only in the United States. REMEMBER – UNLIKE DRUGS – PRODUCT TESTING ON HUMANS WILL NOT BE REQUIRED. It will take about one year to develop these products and then a few more years to place the antenna on towers and buildings. Just like the cell phone industry blanketed cities in microwave radiation from cell towers – we will now have more towers with unlicensed Super WiFi in the TV Band.

We are now just starting to see the health effects of mobile phone cell towers. Studies are showing adverse health effects if you live within 300 meters of these towers. Note that studies are NOT being done in either the U.S. or Canada on the health effects of these frequencies.

Other countries are proceeding down this path. Canada will follow after August 31. 2011. Click here to read the CRTC announcement

The Public needs to be informed now

It’s time for doctors, public policy decision makers, lawyers, journalists, scientists and others to inform the public that personal wireless communication technology is not entirely safe to use as we are currently using this technology. Allowing unregulated Super WiFI towers to be placed anywhere and used in mobile devices will only add to the current health crisis. Studies show that living close to cell phone transmission towers lead to illness and even death. Studies show that long term use of cell phones cause cancer. Teachers and students are complaining about health issues from WiFi in schools.  The love affair with WIRELESS technology needs to be shown that it also creates disease if miss-used or over-used. If the media speaks out about the dangers of wireless technology now – we might be able to avert a pending health disaster.

The FCC did not want this technology made available. The computer industry forced their hand. The FCC is just beginning to admit the dangers of cell phones.  The broadcasters might be trying to protect their turf, but the broadcasters also know that TV Band frequency radiation is also dangerous if unregulated and misused by the public.

Think of our future generation. What type of a world will we leave behind?

Here is a link to one of the first companies creating White Space devices.

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