Wireless Smart Meter Kills Plant.

December 1, 2010.  Wireless Smart Meters for “Do It Yourself” home studies.

If the electric utility has recently installed a new wireless Smart Meter on the side of your house, you might be able to do your own plant experiments using simple before and after photography.

Below is a video of an emerald green euonymous plant that shows the progression of vegetative decay around a wireless smart meter. Before the Wireless Smart Meter was installed, vibrant green healthy foliage completely surrounded the meter and a robin nested above the meter.  Now, the leaves closest to the meter are damaged and the robin is gone.

If you don’t want one of these meters installed on your home it is possible to pay additional fees to have them install a Smart Meter that uses a telephone line to connect to the meter to provide a remote reading.  It may cost $500 plus a dedicated telephone line and there are devices that you can purchase that will allow the line to be shared if you already have a land line.