Smart Meter installation challenged

December 3, 2010.  Emily Parkhurst writes:  SCARBOROUGH — The Town Council voted unanimously Wednesday to ask the Maine Public Utilities Commission to prohibit Central Maine Power Co. from installing “smart” electric meters in town until more information about their safety is available.  Click here to read the article.

The Town Council is asking that people be allowed to opt out of the smart meter program.

Elizabeth Kelley shared her concerns about smart meters and stated that the smart grid, which is planned for the U.S. and Canada, is the largest technology build-out in history and that there is no federal agency over looking this.

Response of the electric utility to smart meter opposition has been mixed.  In some communities, the utility will try to accommodate home owners who are sensitive to this radiation, but this seems to be the exception to the rule.

Information provided about smart meters by Central Maine Power is both false and misleading. Click here to see their brochure.

There is evidence that radiation from smart meters is constant and is harmful to plants. Click here for video.

I have received emails from various parts of Canadian and United States from people who are adversely affected by smart meters placed on their homes. Their symptoms are those of electrohypersensitivity and often they are unable to use the rooms closest to the smart meter.

Smart meters are bad enough in homes but in multi-unit dwellings like apartment buildings and condominiums  the levels of radiation are likely to be much higher especially for those living closest to the smart meters.

Alternatives to wireless transmission of this information are available and we need to explore these alternatives and make them cost effective.