Are you experiencing abnormally high electricity bills?

May 30, 2011.  People are complaining that their electricity bills are higher after smart meters were installed in their homes, implying that the new wireless meters are not reading accurately.  Others, who have retained their analog meters are say they are getting higher bills as well although they are using the same amount of electricity.

Smart meters generate transients and contribute to poor power quality or dirty electricity.  Analog meters, those that spin around, are sensitive to these transients, which make the meters read inaccurately.

I wrote about this in January 2010 related to electricity bills being adversely affected by radio frequency radiation from cell phone antennas.  Click here for link to that story.

The electrical utilities are aware of this problem and that is one reason they try to maintaing good power quality, but this is becoming increasingly difficult with electronic equipment and switching power supplies.

Hydro One has a booklet called “Power Quality Energy Efficiency Guide” dealing with this issue for those interested.  Click here to download pdf.  It provides different ways of mitigating poor power quality including the use of power line filters and power conditioners.

Commercial filters for in-home use are available. The only one I’ve tested are the Graham Stetzer filters that work optimally within the frequency range of 4 to 100 kHz. This is the frequency range that has adverse biological effects on those living in homes with poor power quality.

So poor power quality contributes to higher electricity bills, it damages sensitive electronic equipment, and it makes some people sick.

If you think your electricity bills are higher and the increase co-incided with smart meters being placed on your home, please contact me with the evidence.  We will tabulate the data we collect and provide the information to the Provincial Energy Ministries and request that they act upon this information.

The type of information required would include a copy of your electrical bill for several months before and several months after smart meters were installed in your home with the exact date that the smart meter was installed. If you can get your neighbours to provide similar information that would be useful as well.  If you provide your name, contact information (phone or email address) and address that information will be kept confidential and will not be released to anyone including the Energy Ministries without your permission.

Please send the information to [email protected] with “Smart Meter Costs” as the subject or via mail to Dr. Magda Havas, ERS, Trent University, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7B8.  It would be good to get this information by September 30 2012 to put into a fall document.

Corroborating evidence from outside of Canada is welcome.


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