Open Letter: WiFi in Schools (#1)

November 2009.

Open Letter to Parents, Teachers, School Boards Regarding Wi-Fi Networks in Schools and Cell Phone Antennas near Schools

by Magda Havas, 2009

WiFi Zones are becoming increasingly commonIt is cheaper but is it safer?

More and more schools are providing internet access in schools but, instead of going to a wired system, they are opting for the less expensive wireless networks, which generate microwave radiation.

Is this exposure to microwave radiation safe and should children be exposed? What are the immediate and long-term biological and health effects and where are the studies documenting the safety of this exposure?

After decades of research that established the harmful effects of asbestos,school boards are having it removed from school buildings at considerable cost. Will wireless internet and cell phone antennas on school property experience the same fate? Read the open letter and decide for yourself. Click here for pdf.