BRAG rate your school (or home or workplace or . . . ) for radio frequency radiation

July 10, 2012.  A few years ago we ranked schools in all the U.S. state capitals for the number and distance of cell phone antennas.  Back then the major source of microwave radiation in the classroom was from these antennas.  Things have changed.  Now we have antennas inside schools for wireless internet.

The BRAG Antenna Ranking of Schools is back by popular demand.  This 173 page document has a lot of useful information (links, references) about different types of electrosmog and it is presented in an entertaining way with emoticons, fairy tales,  and inspirational quotes.  Meet some of the electrosmog characters like Magneta Field, Spiky (Doity Power), Radia Frequency.  Learn how you can find Magneta, Spiky and Radia in your school and what you can do about them.

The entire document is available for download but you can also download individual sections (new).  And if anyone wants to do a BRAG ranking of their school or their home (in the U.S.) one of the pdfs explains how to do that as well.

1. Click here for Original BRAG Antenna Ranking of Schools Report (173 pp)

2. Click here for Part One:  Executive Summary (7 pp)

3. Click here for Part Two:  Background (20 pp)

4. Click here for Park Three:  Method or What we did (5 pp)

5. Click here for Park Four:  Summary of Results  (12 pp)

6. Click here for Part Five:  BRAG Recommendations for Schools (17 pp)

7. Click here for Part Six:  Sources & Links  (11 pp)

8. Click here for How to BRAG Rate your School  (18 pp)