Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms between EMFs and Living Matter

November 5, 2010.  An important collection of scientific research papers was just published in the European Journal of Oncology as a special ICEMS Monograph entitled Non-thermal Effects and Mechanisms between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter.”

This volume is a must read for all federal agency scientists involved in establishing policy for non-ionizing electromagnetic exposure.

The book has four sections as follows:

Section A:  Biophysical Mechanisms (5 papers)
Section B:  Cellular Mechanisms and Tissue Effects (7 papers)
Section C:  In Vivo Effects (8 papers)
Section D:  Epidemiology (4 papers)


Preface. M. Soffritti

Why investigate the non thermal mechanisms and effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems? An introduction. L. Giuliani


On mechanism of combined extremely weak magnetic field action on aqueous solution of amino acid. M. Zhadin

Coherence in water and the kT problem in living matter. E. Del Giudice, L. Giuliani

Water structures and effects of electric and magnetic fields. S. Tigrek, F. Barnes

Weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields are biologically interactive. A.R. Liboff

Oxidative stress-induced biological damage by low-level EMFs: mechanisms of free radical pair electron spin-polarization and biochemical amplification. C.D. Georgiou


Effect of extremely low electromagnetic frequency on ion channels, actin distribution and cells differentiation. M. Ledda, S. Grimaldi, A. Lisi, E. D’Emilia, L. Giuliani

Genotoxic properties of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields. I. Udroiu, L. Giuliani, L.A. Ieradi

Extremely-low frequency magnetic field modulates differentiation and maturation of human and rat primary and multipotent stem cells. M. Ledda, F. De Carlo, E. D’Emilia, L. Giuliani, S. Grimaldi, A. Lisi

Immunotropic effects of low-level microwave exposure in vitro. W. Stankiewicz, M.P. Dąbrowski, E. Sobiczewska, S. Szmigielski

Cellular enzymatic activity and free radical formation in various tissues under static and ELF electric and magnetic field exposure. N. Seyhan, A.G. Canseven, G. Guler, A. Tomruk, A. Fırlarer

Polarizability of normal and cancerous tissues, a Radiofrequency Nonlinear Resonance Interaction non invasive diagnostic Bioscanner Trimprob detector. C. Vedruccio

Dependence of non-thermal biological effects of microwaves on physical and biological variables: implications for reproducibility and safety standards. I.Y. Belyaev


Mega-experiments on the carcinogenicity of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields (ELFMF) on Sprague-Dawley rats exposed from fetal life until spontaneous death: plan of the project and early results on mammary carcinogenesis. M. Soffritti, F. Belpoggi, M. Lauriola, E.Tibaldi, F. Manservisi, D. Accurso, D. Chiozzotto, L. Giuliani

The weak combined magnetic fields induce the reduction of brain amyloid-β level in two animal models of Alzheimer’s disease. N.V. Bobkova, V.V. Novikov, N.I. Medvinskaya, I.Y. Aleksandrova, I.V. Nesterova, E.E. Fesenko

Delayed maturation of Xenopus laevis (Daudin) tadpoles exposed to a weak ELF magnetic field: sensitivity to small variations of magnetic flux density. M. Severini, L. Bosco

Is cognitive function affected by mobile phone radiation exposure? A.F. Fragopoulou, L.H. Margaritis

Provocation study using heart rate variability shows microwave radiation from DECT phone affects autonomic nervous system. M. Havas, J. Marrongelle, B. Pollner, E. Kelley, C.R.G. Rees, L. Tully

Comparative assessment of models of electromagnetic absorption of the head for children and adults indicates the need for policy changes. Y.-Y. Han, O.P. Ghandi, A. DeSalles, R.B. Herberman, D.L. Davis

Investigation on blood-brain barrier permeability and collagen synthesis under radiofrequency radiation exposure and SAR simulations of adult and child head. N. Seyhan, G. Guler, A. Canseven, B. Sirav, E. Ozgur, M.Z. Tuysuz

Effects of microwave radiation upon the mammalian blood-brain barrier. L.G. Salford, H. Nittby, A. Brun, J. Eberhardt, L. Malmgren, B.R.R. Persson


Carcinogenic risks in workers exposed to radiofrequency and microwave radiation. S. Szmigielski

Wireless phone use and brain tumour risk. L. Hardell

Occupational EMF exposure measurements in different work environments. N. Seyhan, A. Fırlarer, A.G. Canseven, S. Özden, S. Tepe Çam

Exposure to electromagnetic fields and human reproduction: the epidemiologic evidence. I. Figà-Talamanca, P. Nardone, C. Giliberti

Book is available for purchase at this link for 29 EUR.