Cell Phones and WiFI are Safe = Not

September 2010.  View the Fox TV News interview of Dr. Philip Stieg, Chief Neurosurgeon at the New York-Presbyterian University Hospital, who believes cell phones are safe. He states that there is no data to support that cellphones are dangerous and that while cell phone use has increased exponentially, the incidence of brain tumors remains relatively stable.

Just released From the WHO site – Interphone study on mobile phone use and brain cancer risk

Do mobile phones pose a cancer risk? Coordinated by WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the largest ever international study of mobile phone safety has concluded that the devices do not raise the risk of brain cancer, except for a possible slight increase in tumours among the most intensive users.


In the Fox interview – Stieg goes on to list the types of tumors for which there is no evidence including malignant and benign brain tumors, salivary gland tumors, and eye tumors. Obviously there is evidence presented by WHO researchers but apparently Dr. Stieg was unaware of it. For someone so close to brain surgery – you would think that they would be better informed.

A blog associated with this Fox video says “Follow the money. Verizon is a major donor to New York Presbyterian.” So I did. And what I found on page 61 in the 2006-07 Annual Report is that Verizon, the wireless giant, is a major donor to New York Presbyterian University Hospital where Stieg practices just as the blogger suggests.

Unfortunately Dr. Stieg’s advice to his brain cancer patients was that there is no need to take any precautions with cell phones. How many lives could have been saved?  Click here to view his credentials.

Computer industry fears WiFi is the next issue.

Computers talk to each other using similar pulsed microwave methods that cell phones use except that they are less powerful as the signals don’t have to travel great distances. It’s called WiFi. But unlike cell phones where the exposures are short durations – WiFi is on all of the time. The term INTENSIVE USER is fitting for WiFi because you are exposing yourself for hours at a time – and if you are using a WiFi phone or iPad the radiation is going right into your hand unlike a laptop computer.

In similar fashion to cell phone warnings – once again – the “no problem with WiFi” disinformation is being circulated to newspapers by “doctors” Dr. Lorne Trottier is a well known financial donor to telecommunication institutions. His company produces computer components.

Click here to listen to a radio interview where Dr. Lorne Trottier claims WiFi is perfectly safe for children.