Microwave Radiation Converted into Sounds.

December 31, 2011.  Because we cannot hear, see, feel, taste, or smell microwave (MW) or radio frequency (RF) radiation most people are unaware when they are exposed, unless of course they are sensitive or have a meter to measure their exposure.

Some meters that detect MW radiation convert the MW signal into sound, which mimics the frequencies and pulses emitted by various devices including mobile phones, wireless baby monitors, blue tooth devices, Wi-Fi routers and smart phones or cell phone antennas.  These meters are more informative that those which just provide a digital number.  The audio meters can tell you the different audio signatures these device make.  And there is evidence that the pulsed digital frequencies are more harmful than continuous wave forms.

The sounds made by the devices in the image below have been recorded and you can download an interactive pdf  that contains the sounds (click here to download).  ATTENTION:  you must accept or trust this document after you have opened it for playback.  Go to “options” and select “trust this document always”.


You can listen to the frequencies as you click on each image.  You will notice that each device produces a slightly different frequency and pulse rate.

Can you imagine the cacophony of sounds we would hear when all of these devices are operating in one environment? Unfortunately this is the norm in many places including homes, schools, medical clinics, office buildings, coffee shops as well as in most urban communities.

To watch a video of how to use the meter, click here.  If you would like to purchase your own meter here are a few of my suggestions.  To measure radio frequency radiation you can use the gigahertz solution meters available here or the acoustimeter available here.  I highly recommend that if you purchase a meter, purchase one with sound so you can determine which device is operating from the sound signature.

Some people, who have developed a sensitivity to this radiation experience various symptoms when they are exposed including tinnitus (ringing in the ear), metallic taste, headache, foggy brain, dizziness, anxiety, heart palpitations, depression.  Some can’t sleep if they are exposed at night and the most common exposure in the bedroom is the cordless phone beside the bed or perhaps the cordless phone or Wi-Fi in another room or in neighbouring homes.  So even if you don’t have wireless technology in your home, your neighour’s wireless technology does not respect your personal living environment and encroaches since it penetrates walls and other types of structures.

Infants, exposed to wireless baby monitors, are at greatest risk because they are very sensitive to environmental contaminants and this radiation is a “contaminant”.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC)  and Health Canada (HC) should ban wireless baby monitors that constantly emit MW radiation.  Indeed, they should ban any household device that emits constant radiation. In Europe, “voice-activated” baby monitors are available.  In Europe , “on demand” cordless phones are common but in North America few people know they exist and voice-activated baby monitors are not yet available in stores.

We are told that smart meters emit radiation for only a few seconds each day.  That certainly isn’t the case for some smart meters.  Click here to listen to the sound (radiation) generated by one smart meter in Ontario documented by MartinWeatherall.

In 2002, I wrote an article for the Peterborough Examiner called “Cell Tower Blues.”  This story  is relevant to this discussion of exposure and our ability to sense microwave radiation.   Click here to download this article.

If you would like to hear the radiation in your environment there are several meters that make sound.