OAHPP comments on WiFi and Health

September 22, 2010.  The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion wages into the debate about the health effects of WiFi.  Although I believe they underestimated the strength of WiFi radiation in schools, they provide some interesting observations about cell phones and cell phone base stations.  Click here to view their PDF document that contains my comments about it.

In the link above, I have also provided several studies as follows:

1.  Basis for the rationale for Health Canada’s thermal guidelines (Stuchly et al. 1980).

2.  Effect of  long-term, low-level, pulsed 2.4 GHz frequencies on rats showing an increase in malignant tumors and altered immune system (Chou et al. 1992).

3.  Recent review of studies addressing the health effects of those who live near cell phone base stations (Khurana et al. 2010)