Testing and Monitoring Electrosmog: The Acid Rain of Today

On Friday May 5, 2017, Magda Havas will be giving a workshop at the Partners in Prevention 2017 Health and Safety Conference and Trade Show called “The New Workplace“.  Partners in Prevention is part of the Ontario Government’s Workplace Safety and Prevention Services.  partners in prevention 2017

The workshop, Testing and Monitoring for Electrosmog: The Acid Rain of Today, is part of their post conference Professional Development program.  Registration is now open.

Participants will learn how to monitor for different types of electromagnetic pollution in the workplace; which meters to use; what the results mean; and how to remediate.

Location:  Centre for Health & Safety Innovation (CHSI), 5110 Creekbank Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada (near the Toronto International Airport).

Date & Time:  May 5 2017 | 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Price:  $349 + HST

For more information, contact Customer Care Department at: