Ground Current Videos

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.09.37 PMJuly 27, 2016.  I am going to post a series of educational videos that I am producing on the ground current pollution problem we are experiencing not only in Ontario but in other provinces and in other countries, like the U.S.  Most people are unaware of this form of electromagnetic pollution.  However, it is getting worse and needs to be dealt with.  Ground current is a problem not only in some rural areas but in urban areas as well.  We have considerable information about how it affects livestock, especially dairy cows.  It also affects people and non-agriculture animals.

Attempts to bring in a private member’s bill in Ontario to resolve the ground current pollution problem has failed twice now, first in 2006 and again this year.   I have no hope that this government is going to do anything useful about the ground current problem.  Nor do I think a change in government will make any difference.  Our electrical utility, that is responsible for much of this problem, is being sold to the private sector and I certainly don’t think they will spend the money to get the current out of the ground.

Animal care groups, like the OSPCA that have been informed about the problem, are choosing not to get involved.  This issue has become a political hot potato that just gets tossed around with no real progress being made.

A few years ago when a dog got electrocuted during a regular dog walk, there was a great public outcry.  But when an animal dies on a farm … it is quietly buried with the farmer having to bare the economic and emotional cost.

The consequence is that animals will continue to suffer and die.  Some more farmers will go out of business and their children won’t inherit the family farm.

People care about animals and if they only knew how these animals suffer they would not stand by and do nothing.  The problem is they don’t know.  I hope these videos will create greater awareness.

The videos are meant to provide information about what is creating this ground current problem and why; the effects it has on dairy cows and other animals including people; and how the problem can be resolved.

Below are links to the videos I’ve created so far.  I will continue to add to this blog as the videos come on line. Feel free to share the videos.  As more people learn about this, and if the media continues to report on the problem, we may eventually alert someone in a position of authority who has the brains and the balls to do the right thing and get the current out of the ground and back onto the wires where it belongs.

For those of you who would like to watch the videos in order … click here to go to my play list on ground current or copy this url into your browser (

PART 1:  Introduction to Ground Current

Video 1-1:  Ground Current Pollution – An Introduction:

PART 2:  Biological Effects of Ground Current

Video 2-1:  Ground Current – Affects Cow Behaviour:

Video 2-2:  Ground Current – Affects Cow Health and Productivity:

Video 2-3:  Ground Current – Affects Reproduction on Dairy Farms:

PART 3:  Frederick Earth Table:  A Laboratory Demonstration of Ground Current at 60 Hz and at kHz frequencies.

Video 3-1:  Ground Current and the Frederick Earth Table at 60 Hz:

Video 3-2:  Ground Current and the Frederick Earth Table at kHz frequencies:

PART 4:  Our Electrical Distribution System

Video #4:  How our electrical system works and why it is causing ground current pollution:  in prep

More videos may follow.

Thanks for watching … and feel free to share.