Disconnect – The Corruption of Science

Sept 27 2010.  New book by Devra Davis – Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family.

Step 1 – Watch this video before you read any further. It’s a CBC news report about the book and it will provide a good understanding of how scientists and doctors are treated if they find something wrong with the telecommunications industry.

Step 2Buy multiple copies of this book and give them away to your friends. You might save their life.

As a teacher and scientist with tenure at a major university, the title of this book speaks volumes, especially the part about corporations trying to hide the truth. Devra writes about how our colleagues are persecuted when they try to bring their important discoveries to the public’s attention.

For example, a well established scientist and friend, Dr. Henry Lai says “it’s fairly simple to show that cell phone radiation can damage DNA with the right equipment that is available at universities” – but if you show the results to the public, that’s most likely the last time you will use the equipment.  If your research depends on the use of that equipment, you won’t get funding for any more research! How many people out there really want to lose their job?

Click here to read a presentation showing DNA breaks from cell phone radiation.

Fortunately, my university specializes in environmental studies and I have the freedom to teach about how EMF effects all life on the planet – not just humans. My courses also teach students the methods corporations use to apply pressure on politicians, the government and the media to remain silent if something is found wrong with their product. Just like in the movie: The Matrix, I try to prepare my students what to expect in “The Real World”.

Personally, I went through a similar saga before with my research on acid rain. The power utilities that operated coal plants said that acid rain did not exist and if it did, it couldn’t damage the lakes and forests. A group of fellow scientists got together, we pooled our research and presented the evidence to the media.  After leaning about our results, the enraged public then voted in favor of the politicians who wanted to close the coal plants and clean the air. The difference was, thirty years ago, the public could see the air pollution as “SMOG”.

Unfortunately, in this battle with the giants of the wireless industries – you can’t see the “electrosmog.” You need to show that it exists using meters. And when you do show that the electrosmog is harming people, the industry will fund scientists to discredit the research or the researchers who publish documents showing “no effect”. It’s purpose is to confuse the public.

These scientists are like corporate lawyers, hired to find ways to WEIGH the evidence.  They put the damaging findings on one side of the balance scale and then they fund enough studies to show “no effect” until it tips the scales. The government health agencies can then say “we looked at all of the available evidence and the weight of the evidence shows that there is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! ”  Now go back to your cell phones and have fun! Download those cool apps!

Unlike air pollution, people are unaware of electrosmog . . . until they get sick from it. Then they go to their doctors complaining of mysterious aches and pains. The doctors have no understanding that microwave radiation at low levels can make people sick.  They didn’t learn this in medical school.  Also, the telecommunication and electronic industries would probably cut the funding of teaching hospitals, medical universities and cancer clinics and charities if they did begin to document and speak out about the health effects of the radiation emitting from their products.

Then there is the media. The investigative reporter digs to find the truth, writes the story and is told by the editor to not write any more articles that will upset their largest advertiser – the telecommunications industry. They are told ” how can we print this article that cell phones may give you cancer and on the next page show a full page ad for the iPhone?”  I know of reporters who lost their jobs because of this.

Are we all doomed? Not yet. The tide is turning. The proof is in the video above.

When the CBC, a government TV broadcaster, decides to expose corporations like Apple and Rim for “hiding” in small print the warnings about holding the cell phone a certain way, we know that they are more interested in presenting the truth than loosing the advertisers that will be effected by it.

When the CBC shows how poorly scientists and activists, like Devra Davis, are treated when they present proof of breaks in DNA – the CBC turns them into heros for risking their jobs and reputation. That will hopefully bring out the closet scientists, concerned doctors and aspiring politicians who now see that the coast is becoming clear.

It’s time to pull back the veil of electrosmog and clear the air.

Speaking of clearing the air – have a look at this video that was produced by the tobacco industry. It’s funny – but real.

The video below is a 40 minute Youtube playlist about how the cellphone safety standards were developed by the cell phone industry and the military. Just click of the video and the other videos will play automatically.