Results of Survey Questions 9 & 10 about Mandates & Convoy.

February 26, 2022.  In a previous post dealing with the Trucker Convoy and Government Mandates (Ottawa), I shared the results of the Survey that was signed by more than 90,000 Canadians.

That survey asked two open-ended questions and 94% of the respondents answered these two questions.

Question 9:  How has the mandate affected your life?

Question 10:  How has the trucking convoy affected your life?

Open-ended questions, or qualitative data, are challenging to assess but it can be done.  However, since we had such a large response (over 90,000) few software programs can handle that volume and to do an assessment manually would take a lifet-time as there are literally 3,750 pages of responses to question 9 and 3,111 pages of response to question 10.  If anyone knows of a software program that can handle this volume of rsponses, please let me know.

In the meantime, I have been reading the responses to these two questions and I need to share them so others can see how Canadians have been affected by both the government mandates and the truckers’ convoy.  Both the government and the truckers needs to know how their actions affected so many Canadians.  The responses will simultaneously break your heart and give you hope.

If you want to cry in frustration read the resonses to Question 9 here.  Indeed share the responses with your Members of Parliament both federally and provincially.  If you want to laugh and cry with joy read the responses to Question 10 here.  Truckers had a prfound effect on the people of Canada.  They were supported all the way along the route from both east and west and they were supported in Ottawa. People came out despite the cold, the wind and snow.  Truckers shoveled the sidewalks, picked up garbage, fed the homeless.  Apparently crime was down during the protest.  Anyone who watched the live broadcasts got a very different version of what was happening compared with legacy news.

We need to share this information with as many people as possible and especially with people who are making decisins about our lives in ways that are not in line with our Rights and Freedoms according to the Charter.