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#016: Russian Translation Microwave Radiation influence on Man and Animals (1970)

Russian Translation Microwave Radiation influence on Man and Animals. Petrov, I.R. (Ed).  1970.  Influence of Microwave Radiation on the Organism of Man and Animals. Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, Translation of “Vliyaniye SVCh-Izlucheniya na Organizm Cheloveka i Zhivotnykh…. Read More

New Study: Radiation from Cordless Phone Base Station Affects the Heart

October 22, 2010.  New study by Dr. Magda Havas and colleagues in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5, 2010 shows that radiation from a digital cordless phone base station affects the heart in a double-blind… Read More

Free FIBER For Swiss Schools – WiFi Warnings

October 21, 2010.  While the rest of the world rushes onwards with the wireless revolution, Switzerland – the country that invented the World Wide Web – and the largest telecom provider – SWISSCOM which is owned (52%) by… Read More

#015: Russian Translations on Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Radiation.

These articles were originally designed to provide individual documents from Zory’s Archives to anyone interested in the early studies on microwave radiation until we had enough documents scanned for distribution. I would now like to make these documents… Read More