Warning about Future 5G Roll-Out in Municipalities and Adverse Consequences to Humans, Flora and Fauna.

April 15, 2020.  I have been asked at various times to provide testimony regarding the deployment of wireless technology and especially 5G and the potential for adverse biological and health effects to humans as well as flora and fauna.

The 5G rollout is happening quickly, without public approval and–in some cases–against public opposition.  City Councillors are asked to approve of the location of these small cells on public property while, in reality, they do not have the option to refuse these antennas in their communities.  There is something terribly wrong with this picture.  When did Canada become a dictatorship ruled by the telecom industry?

Why aren’t the telecom providers and the government testing the potential for long-term adverse health effects of 5G technology before rolling it out? Elsewhere I provide information on 5G and you can watch my video on the 5G Experiment.

This is a conversation that all Canadians need to be aware of.  With existing wireless technology a large population is exposed to microwave radiation.  5G  is going to increase our exposure to microwaves as it does not replace earlier wireless technology (i.e. 3G and 4G).

Studies are documenting adverse biological and health effects to humans, plants and animals including insects.  Scientists have tried to make the WHO and other bodies aware of their concerns but no one is listening!  They tried to warn about the 5G rollout, but no one is listening.  Those who have the ability to make decisions about the future of wireless in Canada, and elsewhere, have become blind, deaf, and dumb.  Unfortunately, we are all going to pay the price for their willful ignorance.

If you want to know more about how wireless technology is affecting our health read my declaration:  Warning about Future 5G Roll-Out in Municipalities and Adverse Consequences to Humans, Flora and Fauna.

This does not bode well for the future of our health on this planet.  All parts of the electromagnetic spectrum are biological active, which means they influence some part of our physiology and biochemistry.  There is no reason to believe that 5G technology will be any different.    This technology will add more microwave radiation and will introduce a part of the spectrum that is currently not being used for telecommunication and that is mmwaves (frequencies between 30 and 300 GHz).  The few studies that are available are deeply disturbing from a biological perspective.

Unfortunately, the preeminent body for health at the federal level is Health Canada.  Provincial Health Ministries defer to Health Canada when it comes to the health effects of non-ionizing radiation.  But Health Canada is not doing its job and hasn’t been doing its job for more than two decades.  When government fails to do its job, we begin to experience a form of societal disintegration.  When one segment of society becomes too powerful, we experiences conflict and our freedom is compromised.  When industry dictates medical procedure and the training of doctors, we are in deep trouble.  And, unfortunately all three are happening in Canada and in many other parts of the world.

It is time for the silent majority to educate themselves about the issues and then to speak out.  Make your voice heard now before it is too late.