Key Concerns about Health Effects of 5G and Wireless Smart Technology: Discussing the 5G Experiment

November 24, 2019.  I have been asked to give lectures in various communities about the impending 5G rollout.  It appears that very little information is being provided by the government and by the wireless industry about 5G and the small cell rollout.  People are becoming concerned about what 5G means to them and hence are trying to get information they can trust. There is a lot of misleading information provided by the media and you can’t get any “real”information from the government so it is not clear who you can trust these days.

I enjoy visiting the different communities and meeting the people, discussing their concerns and answering their questions.  Unfortunately, even when the talks are within driving distance (3-4 hour one-way drive) an entire day is consumed by a 45 minute talk followed by Q&A.  Since the rollout is just starting and people are beginning to wake up, I expect I will continue to get requests for information and I realize that this is not a good way for me to spend my time, namely driving or flying around the country, meeting with one community at a time.

Also, I expect there is little that can be done to stop the process since both the America. and Canadian governments deny any adverse health effects below guidelines that were outdated when they were originally conceived decades ago.  See my blog at this website entitled:  Origins of 1966 U.S. Safety Standards for Microwave Radiation.

I want to make information available to the public about 5G so I converted by lectures notes into a youtube video.  The video, Discussing the 5G Experiment,  is 20 minutes long and can be viewed here.

Since our understanding of 5G is unfolding slowly, I expect that this video may be obsolete within a couple of years.  I will update it as needed and as more information becomes available.

At the end of my video I recommend three other videos for people to watch in the following order:

  1. Everything You Need to Know About 5G–Technical information about 5G that was produced by the IEEE (and should be relatively accurate).  It is presented in an easy to understand format; the only thing they don’t mention are the health effects of this technology; 6:14;  click here to view.   
  2. The power of millimetre waves/Verizon; Here Verizon is testing its 5G rollout and finding that mmW are passing through leaves and buildings much more readily than previously thought and presented in video #1 above; 2:49; click here to view.
  3. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler speaks at The National Press Club – June 20, 2016; This will give you a good sense of how people at the FCC view 5G deployment; 1 hour long; click here to view.  

Below is a transcript of the video for those who might want to translate this into other languages.

Discussing the 5G Experiment  [transcript of video] byMagda Havas, November 2019.

Slide 1:  We are at the beginning of one of the largest experiments ever conducted on this planet.  5G is being rolled out across the globe and no one really knows what the consequences of this are likely to be.  The title of my talk is, “Discussing the 5G Experiment.”

I bring this information to you both as a research scientist, as I do research on the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution; and as a teacher, since I have been teaching about this subject for the past 25 years at Trent University.

Slide 2:  What is 5G?

5G refers to 5th generation communication technology.   It allows for faster inter-connectivity.

  • 1G provided voice
  • 2G provided text
  • 3G allowed us to connect to the internet
  • 4G allowed us to download video
  • 5G will allow for technology that communicates at the speed of light with fast (almost instantaneous) download speeds. It will allow for the internet of things and will go well beyond cell phones and their aps.

Slide 3:  How does 5G differ from other wireless technology?

It is important to note that 5G will NOT replace 4G.

It will be in addition to all other frequencies currently generated, which means we will have more exposure to microwave radiation once 5G is activated

5G will use several frequency bands in the low, mid and high band frequencies. The high band consists of millimetre waves that we will discuss in more detail later.

5G also means the densification of small cell antennas in urban and rural areas.  A small cell will be paced on lampposts or telephone poles every 100 to 300 meters depending on location.

Slide 4:  What do we know about the 5G infrastructure?

The infrastructure will consist of satellites, macro cell sites, small cells in front of homes and fibre optics.

Fiber optics are the safest as they don’t emit any radiation.

My colleagues who know more about satellites than I do, tell me this is a relative safe technology provided the exposures are low.  However, if the intensity is increased satellites could be weaponized.

Macro cell sites are dangerous if you live near them.

The greatest concern is the small cell antenna in front of your home as this is going to be difficult if not impossible to avoid!

Slide 5:  There will be winners and loser with 5G.

Some people are going to make a lot of money and some people are going to become very ill because of the massive amount of additional data that is going to be generated  – 50 trillion GigaBytes of data converts to exposure.

Slide 6:  Why is the government  not putting on the brakes?

In 2015, the FCC made $45 billion dollars selling part of the wireless spectrum.  The government didn’t want to put a ban on tobacco sales because they were receiving a lot of money from tobaccos taxes.   The same seems to be the case with wireless.

Slide 7:  Why should we be concerned about 5G?

We have no long-term testing of the biological and health effects of mmwaves!  Yet we are going to expose the entire planet to these frequencies!  This really doesn’t make any sense!

2G, 3G and 4G frequencies are already causing adverse biological and health effects to humans and other living organisms.  We are learning about the health effects as we document the cancers, the damage to sperm and the harmful effects on plants and animals.

Slide 8:  Our love affair with wireless started with the cell phone in the early 1990s.

And while we have a choice as to whether we use a cell phone or not, we have no choice as to where cell phone antennas are placed.

We have a choice about Wi-Fi in the home but no choice about Wi-Fi in schools.  Children are being exposed to microwave radiation for 6 hours every school day without parental approval.

Most of us have no choice about smart meters placed on our homes or smart appliances and the radio frequency chips they contain.

And now we have thousands of satellites being deployed and small cell antennas being placed in our neighbourhoods, with no choice regarding their placement.  Why should we be concerned about 5G?  Because it means more radiation and it means we have no choice in the matter.

Slide 9:  How much radiation can the human body tolerate?

On this map you can see some small purple spots that represent Wi-Fi hot spots in 2002.  These were mostly at universities, research institutions and military installations.

Slide 10:  We have moved from very little Wi-Fi radiation in 2002 to almost global coverage in just 16 years!

Slide 11:  What are the key concerns about wireless smart technology?

By the way, “smart” refers to two-way communication.  It does NOT need to be wireless.

We are concerned about

  • Human health effects
  • Addiction
  • Social Skills
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Effects of Flora and Fauna
  • Energy Consumption, and
  • Global Warming

Slide 12:  I want to divert to an issue of privacy for a minute.

In China students wear these wireless headbands that monitor brainwave activity. The colours determine if the student is focused or distracted.  This information is sent to the teacher’s iPad and the parents iPhone.  One student was interviewed who said that he gets into trouble if he is distracted in class.  The problem is that these devices emit microwave radiation and the  radiation may make it hard for some students to pay attention, especially if they are electrically hypersensitive.

Slide 13:  In some schools students have jackets with RF sensors to determine where they are at all times.  China also uses facial recognition inside buildings as well as on the street.  And you can now make purchases with facial recognition rather than with credit cards or money.

Slide 14:  And for those who think this cannot happen in North America– think again.  Schools in New York want to install facial recognition to prevent mass shootings and other disruptions in the school.  San Francisco is the first US city to ban facial recognition.

Slide 15:  Dr. Cindy Russell reviewed the literature on millimetre waves (which is part of the 5G rollout) as it relates to public health and the environment.  And this is what she found

Slide 16:  mmW have been used to reduce pain in Eastern European health studies.  This  is good.

mmW are also used as part of the active denial system for crowd control.  This is also good … better than being shot, for example.

mmW are proposed for the internet of things but this is NOT a good use of the technology.

The reason is duration of exposure.  With medical and military exposure the duration is measured in seconds and minutes.  With telecommunications it is constant exposure, 24/7 and this is what makes it potentially harmful.

Slide 17:  mmWaves are not supposed to penetrate deeply into the skin.  So the skin surface and particularly the sweat glands are the targets for mmWaves.

The skin is one of our largest organs and separates us from the environment.  Systemic signalling is embedded in the skin that connects to the nervous system, the immune system and the hormonal system.  So there is the possibility of considerable damage being caused at the skin surface.

Some frequencies cause arrhythmia or an irregular heart beat.

Eyes are very sensitive to this radiation resulting in cataracts and other ocular pathologies with prolonged exposure.

Slide 18:  We have evidence that the immune system is impaired in laboratory studies with mice.

There are teratogenic effects (or birth defects) among fruit flies.

And we have evidence for antibiotic resistance caused by mmWaves.

Slide 19:  Those of you who have not watched the 5G Crisis Summit, I would strongly encourage you to get copies of the 40 interviews with experts from around the world.  These include scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, politicians, activists, etc.  Cost of this series is reasonable.  In this Summit several of the people mentioned the Nuremberg Code.

Slide 20:  The Nuremberg Code is part of the  International Humanitarian Law that states, “It is unethical and illegal to perform experiments on humans without their informed consent.”

According to this law, 5G should be illegal as people are not giving their informed consent to be exposed to this radiation.

Slide 21:  Why are these products allowed?

Here we have a diaper that will alert the mother’s iPhone that the diaper is wet.  This exposes the infant to microwave radiation.

Here we have a pacifier that has a thermometer inside and sends information about the infant’s temperature to the parent’s iPhone.  So now we have an RF emitting device inside the head of an infant!!!!!  Who is regulating this industry?

Slide 22:  What did German doctors do during the holocaust?

They sterilized millions of their citizens.  The excuse for doing nothing was …

  • Too horrid to believe this is happening.
  • We were just following orders.
  • Refusal meant instant death.

What are the side-effects of microwave radiation?  Damage to sperm leading to infertility and ultimately to sterility. The excuse for doing nothing:

  • I didn’t know it was harmful!
  • I don’t believe it is harmful.
  • I’m just one person … what can I do?
  • I’m past reproductive age … what do I care?

Which of these excuses will you find acceptable when you discover you are unable to have grandchildren?

Slide 23:  Here we have four slides of human sperm.

Some of the sperm were unexposed controls and some were exposed to 2.4 GHz, which is the same frequency used in Wi-Fi.  The slides are based on 1 and 5 hours of exposure.

You can see the sperm moving well in all of the slides except for the bottom right slides. This slide was exposed to Wi-Fi radiation for 5 hours.  Most people will work on their lap top computers connected by Wi-Fi to the internet for much longer periods and they are probably damaging their sperm as a consequence.

Slide 24:  The health effects of radio frequency radiation fall into three categories:

  • reproductive problems – that I just mentioned. These include miscarriages as well as developmental and behavioural problems in offspring.
  • cancers – mostly associated with the head but also breast cancer for women who keep their cell phones in their bra or leukemia for people who happen to live near cell phone antennas; and
  • electrohypersensitivity (or EHS) and you can see some of the most common symptoms of EHS here – sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, poor memory, depression, anxiety, etc.

Slide 25:  What is the evidence for EHS?

I’m going to provide 2 provocation studies.  These are studies testing the effects of microwave exposure on the blood and on the heart.

Slide 26:  Provocation test #1.

Microwave radiation affects the blood of some people who have EHS.   Here we take a drop of blood put it on a slide and view it under a microscope.  The top slide shows my blood before I was exposed to Wi-Fi.  The cells are round and free floating in small loose groupings.

The slide at the bottom shows what happens to my blood when I spend 10 minutes exposed to Wi-Fi.  Every cell on this slide is sticking together. This type of blood is unable to efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and get rid of waste products produced by cells and it’s called rouleau formation.

Slide 27:  Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a world renown cardiologist, says that our blood should have the consistency of red wine.  Instead most of us have blood with the consistency of ketchup flowing through our veins.   This is rouleau formation.

Symptoms include: headaches, fatigue, dizziness; difficulty concentrating; numbness, tingling and cold extremities; heart and blood pressure problems; and, in severe cases, heart attack or stroke.

Slide 28:  In this provocation study we asked the questions, “Does radiation from a cordless phone affect the heart?”

As soon as you plug a cordless phone base station into an electric outlet, the phone sends out microwave radiation.  This was a double-blind, placebo controlled study.  Neither the person being tested nor the doctor assessing the results knew when exposures were taking place.

Slide 29:  Here we have one example showing real time monitoring.  A 56 year old woman was exposed to the radiation from the cordless phone during session 3 and 5 in this experiment.

You can see that her heart rate increases during exposure from 65 to 86 beats per minute and returns to “normal” once the phone is unplugged.  All of these changes in heart rate are also showing as changes in heart rate variability.

There is up-regulation of her sympathetic nervous system and down regulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is a typical stress response and the body doesn’t function well under chronic stress.

Slide 30:  Students at a school in Simcoe County started to complain of various health effects shortly after the school installed Wi-Fi.  Several complained of heart palpitations that were experienced only at school.  4 students experienced sudden cardiac arrest of which 2 were fatal.  The youngest child was only 13 years old.  As a solution the school installed defibrillators!

Slide 31:  Fact – microwave workers are experiencing heart problems.  Research published in 1969 showed that those occupationally exposed to microwave radiation experienced heart problems so,  “In the interested of occupational hygiene researchers recommend that workers be screen for cardiovascular abnormalities so they can be excluded them from occupations involving radio frequency exposure.”  Perhaps students should be screened for an underlying heart condition that could be made worse with Wi-Fi exposure.

Slide 32:  How many people have electrohypersensitivity?

Between 1 and 5% of the population is severely affected by electrosmog and these people are often confined to their homes and become quite ill when travelling shopping, going to restaurants.  I use 3% for these individuals.

Another 35% of the population have mild to moderate sensitivity.  They can still function in an exposed setting but often feel lethargic, have brain fog, and otherwise feel subnormal.

With these % we have about 1 million people in Canada with severe sensitivity; 10 million in the U.S.; and 15 million in the EU.  These numbers are likely to increase following the rollout of 5G.

Slide 33:  One comment I sometimes hear is, “If this was true … they would have told us.”

  • A publication in 1971 cited over 2000 papers on the harmful effects of microwave radiation.
  • More recently in 2015, 248 scientists from 42 countries signed an international scientist EMF appeal that was sent to the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environmental Program with warnings about exposure to microwave radiation.
  • Manufacturers are warning about keeping wireless devices away from the body, and Insurance companies are not insuring against health effects caused by RFR.
  • Medical academies are warning that guidelines are inadequate to protect children against radio frequency radiation.
  • And various governments around the globe are banning Wi-Fi in schools and are hardwiring schools with fibre optics that is faster, safer and much more secure that Wi-Fi

They are telling us … we aren’t listening!

Slide 34: 

  1. As elected officials, Mayors and Councilors have a responsibility to their community.
  2. It is critical that members of Municipal Governments learn as much as possible about 5G.
  3. Telecom providers will ask for permission to place small cells on lamp posts and other public property.
  4. Municipal Governments do NOT have to approve locations of small cell antennas on public property.
  5. They will be overruled by the Federal government.
  6. However, should scientific evidence of harm be provided in the coming years, at least they will not be complicit in the decision to expose the public.
  7. Legal action is likely in the near future.
  8. Some municipalities are requesting the following:
  • annual renewal of contracts for the location of small cell sites
  • ability to have small cells removed with no legal penalty should the science indicate harm
  • regular monitoring of exposure before and after small cells are installed
  • establishment of a health registry for reporting adverse biological & health effects associated with 5G antennas that also involves investigation of the complaint in a timely fashion.

Slide 35:  The 5G race to oblivion – cartoon

Wait a minute … something feels wrong! (concerned Mom)

Warning … cliff ahead! (scientist)

They are not listening! (scientist)

Slide 36:   More videos are being produced on 5G technology.

Here are three videos that I encourage you to watch.

The first provides technical information about 5G that is easy to understand.

Video 2 contradicts some of the information provided in video 1 as Verizon tests its rollout of 5G.  5G performs much better than expected.

Video 3 is a long video where the former FCC chair speaks about 5G.  This video provides an excellent insight about who is running the show and what their views are on the health effects.

Slide 37:  Websites:

Canada (products for sale)

U.S. (products for sale)

Slide 38:

Please share this video with those concerned about 5G technology.  Thank you for watching.