Is there Light at the End of the Tunnel with COVID-19?

April 7, 2020.  Many of us are sitting at home trying to make sense of this COVID-19 pandemic.  Schools are closed except for distance education, non-essential business are closed.  Only essential services–like grocery stores, drug stores, delivery services, gas stations, banking and utilities (water, electricity and gas)–remain open although with reduced business hours.  The global economic system is taking a beating and many are wondering when are things going to return to “normal” or to a “new normal” whatever that might look like.

I enjoy data analysis and so I asked the question, how long is this pandemic likely to last?  I went to the worldometer website and began to examine the data.

I started with China, where the first cases of covid-19 were reported, and this is what I found (data as of April 4, 2020).The number of daily cases in China increased rapidly beginning in January 2020, went up to a peak and remained relatively stable in mid February and then  began to decrease.  This entire period lasted approximately one month.  A decrease in daily deaths followed shortly afterwards.

The same thing happened in South Korea and Taiwan.  Note the y-axis scales differ considerably from country to country.

Other countries are beginning to show the same decline in daily cases although some are at an earlier stage.  These include (but are not limited to) Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Australia, which should be good news for these countries and their citizens.

Other countries seem to have past their peak of daily covid-19 cases and are relatively stable before they begin to decrease.  See graphs below for the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Malaysia, Cuba and Brazil.

And finally some countries are still dealing with a increasing number of daily cases of covid-19 (among which are Canada, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore).

What about the United States, which now has the highest number of covid-19 cases and the third highest number of fatalities globally (as of April 4, 2020) after Italy and Spain (NOTE:  both of these countries are at the beginning of a downward trend)?

The trend for the U.S. is less obvious.  However, I would hazard a guess (based on responses in other countries) that we are at the beginning of a flattening of the curve (for the next 5 to 10 days) after which the numbers will begin to come down.  So, my prediction is that the numbers of daily cases of covid-19 will begin to decrease as early as  April 10 to 20.  Time will tell how accurate this prediction is!

The picture for a large part of the world is that we are coming to the end of the peak covid-19 cases and we will now have to deal with how to get our economy healthy again.

Lots of theories out there about this pandemic, namely that is was manmade and was accidentally released; that it is not a virus but rather an exosome; that it is not contagious; that the health crisis has been exacerbated because of air pollution, radiofrequency radiation (especially 5G and mmwaves) and because of smoking; and that only those who had an impaired immune system died from this illness.  We are also being told that this pandemic will result in massive and compulsory vaccinations; it will lead to global economic collapse that will be replaced by cashless virtual currency; and that this is all part of the scheme for global dominance and control.  Once again time will tell if any of this is accurate information.

What is clear is that having a strong immune system is essential if we are to survive other illness of this nature, whether natural or manmade.  Unfortunately, we are moving towards a very steep downhill slope regarding public health and that is compulsary mass vaccinations.  Currently, children in some countries are not able to attend school unless they are vaccinated and some people are claiming that you won’t be able to renew your driver’s license if you are not up on your vaccination schedule.  In some countries more than 20 vaccines are given to children under the age of 15!  Some children have developed behavioural and neurological problems shortly after receiving a vaccination.  Is this just coincidence or is the rapid progression of autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) related to our polluted environment, our unhealthy life-style and the sheer number of vaccinations children receive?

It fear we might be jogging down the same road we took with antibiotics.  Antibiotics provided miraculous cures for those with bacterial infections.  Unfortunately we misused antibiotics and began to put them into animal feed at low levels to keep disease away from animals that were densely housed and this began the downward spiral that promoted antibiotic resistance and super bugs!  I believe we are doing the same with vaccinations.  They have their use but people should not be vaccinated for every virus that comes along.  Much better to build up your immune system and have your body fight the virus rather than inject your body with a weak strain of every bug that comes around each year.

And how does someone build up their immune system?  By breathing fresh air (reducing air pollution and refraining from smoking); by eating healthy, nourishing food; by taking supplements to boost the immune system; by drinking clean uncontaminated water (and here I am not referring to just pathogens but also to additives like fluoride); by getting plenty of rest (sleep, meditation, relaxing with family and friends); by enjoying life (spending time outdoors in nature; following your passion and purpose in life); by including moderate exercise in your daily routine; by practicing good hygiene and that goes well beyond washing your hands.

Building up your immune system is NOT enough.  I use the acronym RIDE, which stands for:

1:  R = Reduce your exposure to toxins in your environment (and this includes chemical toxins, biological toxins, and electromagnetic toxins).  This could also include toxic people in your life or toxic situations.  We don’t need more stress in our lives.

2.  I = Build up your Immune system (as mentioned above).

3. D = Detoxify your body using multiple modalities and doing this is a systematic measured way with the help of a health care professional.

4.  E = Strive for emotional balance/health. If you happen to be anxious about something, whether real or imaginary, your body is going to produce chemicals to help you deal with the stress.  However, prolonged stress is harmful to the body.  You can change your thinking and this can change your life.

I sincerely hope that collectively we are going to move towards a cleaner, safer, global environment; healthier living; compassion for our fellow life travellers and respect and care for mother nature and for her plants and animals.  We need to cherish and guard our freedom,  we need to strive for the truth and we need to protect our health.