Environmental Health Matters Initiative – U.S. National Academies

National AcademiesMarch 29, 2018.  The Environmental Health Matters Initiative of the National Academies has the following mandate based on their website:

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH MATTERS INITIATIVE (EHMI) is a new, large-scale effort of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to work across disciplines and sectors in developing lasting solutions to improve health today and for generations to come.

Building upon the National Academies’ legacy of work in environmental health* and leveraging our ability to convene top experts, we will bring together corporate, government, and university leaders, along with other engaged stakeholders in this field to

  • explore the latest science,
  • identify promising options and solutions, and
  • create innovative pathways toward improving environmental health.

Whether it’s addressing tomorrow’s decisions about optimizing chemical usage in consumer products or responding to a sudden contamination issue, the path forward is multifaceted. Embedding environmental health into future decisions and assessing available options depends on leadership and ongoing dialog within the scientific, corporate, international, and public health spheres.

The EHMI coordinates ongoing National Academies work and develop additional activities to further address complex environmental health issues.

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*Environmental health is a science and public health practice focused on the relationships between the environment and human health.


Here are the seven questions they ask and what follows is my response in this pdf.

  1. Questions for Information GatheringWhat are the most important current and emerging topics for the National Academies’ to address, related to environmental health? Please consider suggesting complex issues that need multiple sectors (e.g., private sector, government academia, industry, NGOs, foundations, etc.) and multiple disciplines.
  2. What role would you like to see the National Academies serve in the public landscape of environmental health?
  3. What do you or your organization need from National Academies leadership in environmental health (e.g., scientific analysis, engagement with multiple sectors, communication)?
  4. How do you suggest that we engage with your organization and others to reach new audiences, to increase the impact of National Academies work?
  5. What are some other organizations or activities that are interested inengagement on environmental health, that you think we should know about?
  6. Is there any other input you would like to provide?
  7. Name:
    Sector (e.g., agency, industry, professional society):
    Discipline you represent (e.g., public health, medicine, toxicology epidemiology, engineering, social science):